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Just Out of Reach ~ Day 182

During the late spring and summer, when the time changes, and the days are longer, the sun gets further away from my deck when it sets. Unfortunately that means less sunset photos during this time. It makes me sad as the sunsets are such therapeutic moments for me. But nothing I can do about it, right? So for now I will focus on the bluebirds, flowers, and anything else that comes to my backyard. Sharing this sunset with you and until the next one, I will miss sharing the beauty.


365 Photos Challenge Day 182

No sun outlasts its sunset, but it will rise again and bring the dawn.  ~Maya Angelou


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. It’s awesome to be so caught up and overwhelmed by what we see with our eyes. But the greatness that we can share is the sunlight from within our hearts. The sunrise and sunsets of what you share is the visual interpretation of the real you. In life’s journey as the seasons change so we learn to discover the shapes of our hearts. We are multi-dimensional if only we can see…

  2. A beautiful sunset. It is a wonderful thing that from our Creator’s hand is offered the amazing wonders this world holds. How often we take them for granted, the red birds flitting outside my window, the sound of the owls at eventide, refreshing showers on a hot day.

    Life is one sunrise and sunset after another. It is easy to praise Him in the mountain experiences, but in dark valleys, when the sun has set on all the beauty, it can be difficult to remember that we can trust Him no matter what.

    The heart and head can literally ache with trying to figure things out, with struggling not to live angry (even at God), with the tremendous effort it takes to try to simply do the next thing in the darkness. But when a glimpse of His greatness flickers in the night seasons, when His quiet loving voice whispers “Trust Me”, when He helps me remember that what He says about Himself is true, dawn breaks through giving courage and strength.

    It rises from within because He has given faith rooted in His sovereignty, His love, and His mercy through the Christ. Remembering that we are not asked to understand it all, but to trust Him, sets us back on the path He calls us to.


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