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Holly Berries ~ Photo Challenge Day 54

I am continuing with the 365 Photos Challenge and I am now on Day 54. Anyone can join in, you do not have to be nominated. Here are the rules on the 365 Photos Challenge.

These holly berries are all around my house. The holly bush or shrub produce these berries. The birds love these bright red berries, especially during the winter. Food is scarce for the birds and people sometimes forget to put out both food and water for the birds. I feed the birds on my deck and also have suet feeders in several trees for the woodpeckers, flickers, etc. All kinds of birds will eat these berries. One of many reasons for having these holly bushes in your yard. The main reason is that make a pretty shrub around your home, they are evergreen, which means they stay a rich green all year round. No maintenance, just a little trim here and there. I am trying to enjoy outside today as much as possible as we have snow headed this way.

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