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Haiku Poetry Challenge #2: All Things Is Fruitful.

Attempts like torture

stand idly will get punished

all things are fruitful.

Making a living is a worship that is in line with the laws of nature; those who plant will reap and those who stand idly will starve.

But life is not just for food, not just for the sake of meeting the physical needs but also the mental, emotional and spiritual needs because that’s the whole of us. So, earning a living for only those three needs are also will only provide mental torment, either called greatness by the ego or otherwise the so-called suffering.

To sustain life, to be responsible for the life, to meet the necessities of life in full, and or to perform proper worship, the most important thing required is to have a correct understanding of the Divine law, natural law and conscience to make it the basis of proactive stance.

Thus, in the duality of life with all its risks and consequences, having principles as a guide to determining attitudes is the wisdom of life for happiness and for life to its fullest.

By the way, this post is a form of my participation in following the Haiku Poetry challenges which have started by LaJenna. This is fun, if you are interested here is the rule.


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  1. Your wisdom for life is at a very high level. There are very few people who know this. And you are one of them. I had no doubt that in this position I would find synergy between the picture and the poetry.

  2. You did not need a teacher lol. You have learned something great in such a short time. This writing is amazing. Writing great poetry comes from having a big heart, and thought provoking deep thoughts. You did just that in this writing. You get an A+.


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