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Haiku 10 Day Challenge #5 Blueberry Kisses

love knocks on my door

blueberry pie knowing smile.

sweet hugs kisses so warm

One of my earlier posts on Virily entitled “Coming Out Of My Shell” tells about how I, a painfully shy, awkward college kid met a pretty girl named Carol at a vigil for peace commemorating the Hiroshima/ Nagasaki bombings. A few days later this lovely girl showed up at my front door with a blueberry pie she had just baked. We went to the beach, and the afternoon soon turned romantic. This Haiku I guess is long overdue, but no sweet act is ever forgotten, least of all one that involves a tasty dessert. Carol really liked Joni Mitchell, and we listened to a cassette tape she brought of the ¬†album “Court and Spark”. This is the inspiration for today’s Haiku Challenge submission. I hope you enjoy it, preferably with warm blueberry pie and a cup of Earl Grey Tea.


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Written by PaulPallazola