Haiku Challenge #6 : My Favorite Cousins

Love fills the big room

Hearts full of joy and laughter

Memory jewels

This photograph was taken at my Uncle Don’s wedding, April 16, 1983. It was also my 25th birthday. My mom and dad were in Alaska for the birth of my second niece, Sally Walker. I didn’t like dressing up or formal events but my dad asked me to represent because he was not able to attend his brother’s wedding. My cousin Michael (far right in the photo) is three months younger than me. We attended Saint Ann Grammar School and Bishop Fenwick High School together. Our favorite class in high school was Sister Maria Delaney’s “Witness To Social Justice” which inspired us to work for a better world. I became active with the Nestle Boycott & antinuclear movement. Michael became a Deacon in the United Church of Christ. His sermons have inspired many to fight against racism, intolerance and anti LBGT bigotry. My cousin Heather(far left) would become a great teacher and Heidi would work in A Women’s Health Center. Heather is the Godmother of my son Viterbo. This photo was taken 35 years ago. I have another photo of the four of us taken at Kathy’s baby shower in August 2005, a few weeks before Viterbo was born. My dad had 11 brothers and one sister. I have a lot of cousins but these three and I have always been closest.


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Written by PaulPallazola