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Haiku Challenge #9: Rainbow Cat Monster

Small hands, big crayons

Dreams come alive on paper

Happy cat monster

Well the Haiku 10 day Challenge has come to an end. I made it to 9 but I’m a perfectionist, hope they’ve been 9 enjoyable ones for Virily Haiku readers…

“Could a big fat cat hug you?” Viterbo asked me this morning.” I’m not sure, but you could hug her”  I replied. “What if there was a big fat cat monster ? Viterbo asked. “I’m afraid she’d eat all of Luna’s catfood and we’d have to buy more” I answered. Viterbo drew a rainbow cat monster. I said “That’s the happiest monster I’ve seen since the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street”. I asked Viterbo if I could take a picture of his drawing to share with folks on Virily. He was very excited.

Viterbo started middle school this year and he’s had a tough time with math and science but he got A’s in Art and Reading. His pictures get more colorful and imaginative all the time. Viterbo loves cats and crayons. This is what happens when he gets to express some of what he loves best…


What do you think?

Written by PaulPallazola


      • Norse mythology has inspired countless generations of boys everywhere, and will doubtless continue to do so until we wreck the planet beyond the point where it can sustain life…

          • That the ancient orange hair demon will be returned to the fires of Hell and some semblance of sanity will prevail. Of course I smoked entirely too much hashish in college so that may have impaired my capacity to navigate these times.

          • I would love to believe that humanity will overcome its greed and wake up to the danger, but I see no evidence to support such a belief…

            The orange one isn’t the problem, he’s merely a symptom. Sending him back to hell isn’t going to solve anything; it will only stop things from getting worse at a sickening speed