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First Hummingbird 2018 ~ Day 146

I saw a hummingbird pass by the deck a few days ago checking to see if the feeder was up. They remember where the feeders are from year to year. That gives me a nudge to get the feeder filled with water and sugar and on the deck for them. We are having rain all weekend once again. But the hummingbirds do not mind. They seem to enjoy it actually. I caught this one watching the raindrops or maybe looking for insects. They sit on this perch and can see if other hummingbirds are around. They are very territorial. And so tiny they fit in the palm of your hand. This was a challenge to capture. I used my Nikon and tripod and waited with a few raindrops on my head to get this shot. It was worth the wait.

This is a female Ruby-throated hummingbird. The male is more colorful, as always. They have a bright red throat you can see from far away. They also enjoy the Japanese honeysuckle that is just around the corner from the feeder. They usually arrive here around April or May and stay until the end of summer. Then their migrations starts, I will write about that later. It is incredible. Nature is amazing!

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365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 146


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    • Thank you Bradley. When it comes to hummingbirds you hav not have patience or you will never get a photo. They are very easily scared away by movement. More of those little things in life.

  1. They like what you do for them. And that’s why every year they come back to you. Love you. This should make you happy dear friend. The scene is fantastic.