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Don’t Smile ~ 365 Photos Challenge #69

Kim, an elderly grandmother now lives only with her husband since the only child and her family decides to stay in their own home. Since then, Kim and her husband have become more loving, more caring and giving full attention to each other.

That afternoon, Kim was cooking for her beloved husband when she heard a loud enough thud in the next room. Kim who was very alert to her old husband, immediately asked, “Honey, what’s that sound? What’s fallen?”

“Hats, just hats!”

“Hat? Why is it so loud, Honey?”

“Well… the hat fell with me, honey.”

(This story is a mere article. Any similarity in the name, place or event is merely accidental. Especially those named Kim and Honey.)

Whether that short story is funny or not, I just want to strengthen the appeal from Kim, LaJenna, and Elenka so we always smile. Actually, even without that suggestion we also love to smile and laugh, right?

But not necessarily, because in all walls of public service offices in Indonesia, especially in big cities like Jakarta, generally hung 3S appeal poster; “Senyum, Sapa, Salam”, (sapa and salam both have the same meaning in English which means greetings but  Indonesian distinguish greeting for “Hello” [Sapa] with “good morning” [Salam]) some people still display a sour face or cold face like a haunted grave.

So, even though everyone knows that smile is healthy, important, and useful, it’s still not everyone’s (able to) doing it. My point here is, Kim’s appeal, LaJenna, and Elenka are very important!

Btw, Kim… Why does this hat feel so tight?

Don’t join this challenge, but if you insist here are the rules and guidelines to join.

What do you think?

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  1. I’ll give you a joke for a comment
    I go to the pharmacy today and, with a smile to my mouth, I turn to the sympathetic apothecary:
    – One pack of condoms.
    And she, with a wink, asks me:
    “For here or for home?”

  2. I love that door knocker! His grin is infectious. So is mine now, yes we do love to smile and laugh don’t we. I know you, Elenka, and LaJenna always support me in my smiles a day! This short story is funny and you must smile the biggest at the sour faced people of the world, maybe someday it will catch on. And they too will smile a greeting, perhaps accompanied by a Sapa or Salam!
    PS: The hat is too tight because the head is too big!

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