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Colors and numbers – Color Crazy

On my grandson’s birthday. I was able to take some pictures for a while. They are the chosen colors for this week. Some of Bowling’s balls had numbers. I wondered what Google would offer me interesting about these numbers. Look at them. You can learn something new and interesting.

Bowling has been popular among millions of people for thousands of years. Today it is one of the most popular sports in the worldGames where balls roll or throw a target are known from ancient times. The oldest version of bowling dates back to the time of ancient Egypt. British anthropologist Sir Flinders Petry discovered (in 1930) a collection of items in a children’s grave in Egypt, which he considered to be the forerunners of bowling. If that’s true, bowling alone dates back 5200 years ago. Although the game is still mentioned in the history of Ancient Egypt, it became popular in the 19th century.

1. Put at least one photo using this weekly color. Everything from red to orange and in the meantime.

2. Use the words “Color Crazy” in the title.

3. Post to the Challenge category.

4. Use hashtag #colorcrazy

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13 – the sacred number of the moon religion

Most prehistory researchers are convinced that the meaning concealed in the symbolism of the number 13 is lost somewhere in the distant millennia, most clearly linked from the cult of the goddess goddess. And especially with the approximate coincidence (at least in today's astronomical realities) between the cycles of female menstruation and the lunar 13 months and more precisely the thirteen new moons.

In the ancient lunar religion and the lunar calendar based on it, the main postulate is that the moon manages the water and the female fertility. the mystery of life and reincarnation. The eastern esoteric teachings state that the Moon is actually the mother of the earth, who is her own life, and although on the physical plane she seems to be dead, as a carefree parent she continues to walk around her baby.

Today's biologists refuse to our ancestors an in-depth knowledge of physiology, such as dividing the egg after fertilization. And more precisely, the observed only at a microscope when the number of cells reaches twelve, and the thirteenth appears to be the ninety, which begins to distribute the functions, ie to direct the genetic design of the future organism.

The ancients not only knew it, but also believed that the 13th cage was actually the divine spirit and the immortal soul behind it, which was returning to a new cycle in the world of matter. Already since the Neolithic, archaeologists have revealed around the world ritual circles consisting of twelve stones and a 13th in the middle that served as an altar. Sustainable 12 + 1 is preserved after the decline of the moon religion, when the sun cult (the male principle) and the solar calendar respectively. Namely, the two cults intertwine in a particular way - the lunar calendar retains its mystical role, and the solar performs purely practical functions. Appreciation of God (the sun) as a man does not interfere with the preservation of the 13th, but with a new symbolism - twelve members + one leader.

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The strongest is the number 12!

If we think we can find the number 12 anywhere around us.

12 are the Olympic gods - from Aphrodite to Zeus, 12 hours is half a day, 12 is a dozen, an arithmetic system based on the number 12 is used for centuries before the one based on the number 10.

12 are also the lunar phases of one year.

In the Bible the number 12 is common - 12 are the apostles spreading the word of God, 12 are the psalms that are sung in the night, the 12 tribes of Israel.

There was a period during which Christmas lasted 12 days and 12 nights. The holy city of Jerusalem has 12 doors and 12 angels.

Even the music subordinates its rhythm to the mystic 12 - the Dodekafonia is a system that consists of 12 equal degrees, and for each musical work is chosen a 12-degree series (series), which includes all 12 tones of the chromatic range. The first composer created such a remarkable work is Arnold Schönberg.

But not here is the mysterious force of the number and its presence around us - 12 are the months of the year, 12 are the zodiacal signs. This number embodies all manifestations of matter and spirit, all the rhythms of the universe and human nature.

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