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Walk – this is a victory over the flu – Color Crazy

I’ve been in the paws of the flu for two days. She was lying painful all over her body. But I saw this did not help. I listened to the advice of the specialists. More time outside in nature. Thanks for the visits. I’ll go back to all the visits, but it takes time.

1. Put at least one photo using this weekly color. Everything from red to orange and in the meantime.2. Use the words “Color Crazy” in the title.3. Post to the Challenge category.4. Use hashtag #colorcrazy© Elenka Smilenova 2018 – All Rights Reserved


What do you think?

Written by lacho59


  1. Glad to see you are getting better, this has been a bad flu season world wide it seems. You know the sunshine and fresh air is good for the body and soul. Just bundle up, hope you had a good outing. Thank you also for carrying on the color crazy as this is the last two weeks! I will post for it for sure, I love the color a week challenges!

  2. Sorry to hear that you got sick but I hope you recover somehow after your nature walk — get well and do not worry about the visits — just take care of yourself. Try drinking lemon with honey in the morning to boost your immune system.

      • Get well Elenka — it is the season for flu, asthma, arthritis, cough and cold so take care. Lemon is much better than orange juice (not as yummy, though, I know lol) and honey is a good source of vitamins that work nicely with cough and cold. A friend who is a football player gave me that tip to replace my morning coffee.