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Caring is Sharing Challenge: A 5 Car Pile-up Car-Accident

ellie started a challenge, and it is about sharing just about anything. Not sure of all the rules, so just go to her profile and hunt it up. I just wanted to share this story with my Virily family. Thank you ellie for starting this great challenge.

My sister Brenda is alright, but she was in a five car pile-up accident. The accident was not her fault. A pregnant women fell asleep or fainted and hit into her hard, and that caused a chain reaction. She had her two grandchildren with her. They do not have whip-lash, but they feel like they do.

Brenda told me that she doesn’t think the woman that hit her has insurance. Her car is totaled! She had been doing better lately since the death of her son John. I told her to be grateful nobody was hurt. Material things can be replaced but people can’t be replaced.

A Haiku

Cherish those loved ones

They are the now of today

Hug and kiss often

Life is so short, so what are you waiting for.  Make plans to visit family or your friends and cherish the moments. The memories with sustain you until the end of time.


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Written by LaJenna