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Alphabet Crazy – I am on J!

I was taking a break in the shade near a creek and decided to see how many J’s I could find while sitting there eating my snack. I found one and not long after my son pointed to another. 

This week is a two for Tuesday! 

#1 The first one

A perfect J with serifs. 

#2 The one my son found.

Highlit by the sun against a dark muddy river bank. I turned down the light in the shadows to make it stand out more. 

This is a really fun challenge, and it gives me something amusing to do while taking breaks on hikes. I hope you enjoy and have a great week. 

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • Thanks so much LaJenna. Okay, not hiking this year is unacceptable. lol If we were close I would just stop by with my trekking poles and lure you out! In all reality though, fall is the best time to hike. You should go, just on a small hike.

      • I have to be careful so I do not catch a cold. Since I had cancer when I even catch a little cold I tend to stay sick for a month. Maybe we will still have a few warm days. I need to move to Florida especially for the winter lol.

        • True, please be careful. Maybe I should take your advice, remember I had pneumonia last winter/spring.
          Florida would be nice, the farthest south you can go and still be on land. Our winters are nice, but not tropical. Let’s go, are you ready? lol

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