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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 55

I took a picture yesterday am, identical to the one I took and shared a couple of weeks ago. The picture was taken from inside the front door of the house. Less snow this time than last time. But snow on the ground is snow on the ground. Last year we had measurable snow (covers the grass) four times. We’ve already hit our 4th time this year, and we haven’t even gotten to the heavy snow season (late Feb) yet!

The funny thing about trying to take a picture every day is sometimes you get the same pictures more than once. The cool thing about the same picture days apart is the reality of change over time. Next time it snows I will take the same picture one more time, just to make the entire process complete! Oh yeah and because I like taking pictures of snow.

Off to other things, anyone can join the challenge. The rules are all over Virily!


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Snow and winter are magnificent — now that I have seen and experienced it. But, I will not have another winter I guess hahahaha my skin cannot stand it and I was only there for 2 weeks. But hey, it made me realize I love my climate hahaha