365 Day Photo Challenge Day 228 (we didn't crash!)

The picture is of the tandem bike we rode during our Staycation. It was an interesting experience. I am not the most coordinated person so learning the right way to be on the bike was critical. Once we got going dismounting was easy. The only hard part was starting the process. It will take, I am sure, considerable practice to get the hang of it. Once you get underway, it is a little easier (it is, after all, riding a bike). It was the getting underway the first time that impacted us. The shop we went to was also really cool. It was an old style bike shop. Every inch of the shop was filled with bikes, bike parts and other things you would need as a biker.

Always interesting when you are thinking about doing things differently than before.

Anyone can challenge people. Anyone can post photos. But bringing them together is the photo challenge – join in!

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