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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 200 – the flower of the office!

When we first rescued her, or she rescued us (depends on who you ask) Raven would panic when there were storms. She would run from room to room panting, terrified. She is still uncomfortable about storms and is not a big fan, but now she self-comforts more than in the past. Lately, she has taken to hiding in my office when the storms are bad. A small price to pay for her comfort. I have also found that she loves the concept of having music on. In particular, she likes the Amazon Alexa streamed classical channel. I think the quiet sound of music makes her feel better about the storm raging outside. Plus in the basement office, she can’t see the lightning or hear the thunder as loudly with her music playing.

I feel bad for her discomfort; I am glad she is finding ways to self-soothe!

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. The name Raven suits her to a tee. She seems so content and peaceful in that photo that it is hard to imagine her panicking. But I babysat a dog that was just as scared as Raven and the only thing I could do for her was to sit close by and cuddle her (instead of the other way around) and finally she relaxed. I hope you do not get that many thunderstorms in your corner of the world. Well, relax and sleep tight Raven.

    • Thanks, Kim, she really tries very hard to be ok with thunder. You can see that it terrifies her. I am working on getting the twins not to snap at her and to be warm and soothing. Not as easy with 20-year-olds as one would hope.

      • Maggie was terrified of thunder, we dont have it much out here, but when I was in Memphis she got a taste of it. I would get dog treats out, act like its party time, dance around, etc. try that with the kids. lol. He all, just dance for her, dont snap at her. giggles. I did get Mags less afraid but the fear never left her all the way, but it got better as the years went by.


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