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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 180

The Bloomsky weather station includes a camera. I often, on my YouTube channel post Yesterday’s Weather. I changed the name recently to Yesterday’s Snarky weather forecast, provided today. That is often closer to what the overall intent is. My goal is to provide a snarky view of yesterday’s weather. It is also a forecast as I tell you at yesterday’s weather is going to have been like. So far, in predicting yesterday’s weather, I am at 100%. The other thing you can do, when using the Bloomsky software takes a picture. It captures the sky above the camera and the specifics (temperate, day, time) of the picture. Today’s challenge picture is a type I’ve shared before, but it is a picture of the sky above my house around 5:20 am Eastern Daylight Time today May 12th.

I love watching the time-lapse video of the day that was. In part because it is fun to see the clouds roll in. Or the Jet contrails crisscross the sky. Or the sun creeps across the sky. The camera is solar powered, so it doesn’t take night pictures. It would be fun to see a time lapse of the mon cross the horizon, but there are other cameras that can do that.

Anyone can join the photo challenge! Simply take a picture, share it and well you are in!


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Written by DocAndersen

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