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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 170 (actually it is the real 180 today) Dog on a Paddle Board!

I love to do things with my dog. He is a cool dude and lots of fun to hang out with. He likes to wander around on the boat, ride in the car and he loves taking walks. I don’t think, however, that I would take him on a paddle board. I know he could, in fact, do the Paddleboard without issue. I think, knowing his personality he would think it was quite funny to dump me into the water (over and over). As we climbed back on the paddle board, I could see him cocking his head to the right and looking at me with the “why are you all wet dad?” expression on his face. Even, by the by, on the 3rd or 4th time he dumped me in the water. Looking at me like “you have a balance problem.”

Yes, my dog has a trickster personality. He moves things on purpose just because he can. He thinks it is funny to nip the twins as they move from the stairs to the kitchen during the feeding frenzy. I suspect, as my wife has pointed out sometimes, he has learned the behavior from his owner. I “just”wish she wasn’t the owner now ?. (He who blogs gets t he last word. That is the new tag line of my blog!)

Anyone can join the photo challenge; You don’t have to train your dog to paddle board. Just take a picture and share it!


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Written by DocAndersen

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