365 Day Photo Challenge Day 123

The image above my weather station this morning. It is still below freezing (32 degrees is freezing on the Fahrenheit scale). Spring, now nearly six days old refuses to come out of the cave that the groundhog put it into on Groundhogs day.

23 days with no thumb pictures. I am only 70 days from a streak as long as my last one (99 days no thumb)!

I like to share the image from the weather station from time to time. In part because it is always interesting what the weather station sees, and in part, because I am a weather geek. There is something about knowing what the weather is at your home, but also north, south, east, and west of your home. That is the cool thing you get with Micro-Weather systems like Bloomsky and NetATMO. Both provide software (you don’t have to have a station to use the software) that allows anyone to check the weather near them. Or north of them, east of them, south of them and so on.

Anyone can join the photo challenge, take a picture, share it here on Virily (keep track of the number of days in a row you’ve posted), and away you go. Photos have to be less than seven days old. They don’t have to be good photos, just photos. Thumb pictures are optional!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. With us in Serbia, we call march March the grandfather of Marta.
    Because it’s an extremely variable month, it happens that only one day changes all four seasons,
    In winter, you’ve taken your winter away.