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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 121

Another collection to consider is one of my personal favorites. This collection is of old manual typewriters. I have three (one isn’t old). The Royal Typewriter in the picture is the same make and model my father had when I was little. I learned to type and wrote my first short story on that typewriter. Most of the things I would later publish didn’t come off that typewriter years ago, but it still means a lot to have one like the one my father had.

I also have my fathers old portable Royal typewriter below and a newer one. The newer one is for the occasion formal letter. The old one is actually the case below the typewriter in the picture.

There are more collection items and pictures to come!

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What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Great picture and it brings back memories. I remember also my very first little portable typewriter. It was not as big as the one in your photo but it still worked fine in those days. Then came the electric typewriters which were fine and dandy but I had to check and make sure my quick fingers would not overtype because the keys were more sensitive. And then, of course in our day and age, the computers and laptops and tablets and cellphones. I still think we are going too fast in terms of innovations. Some of them are good but a few if not a lot are useless or not relevant. Sorry to babble on but that old typewriter sure brought on a lot of memories and a lot of thinking.