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Today is Great Thursday – my first red egg

Today is the Great Thursday – the most important day of the Holy Week. In the Christian tradition, the fourth day of the Holy Week is a commemoration of the Last Supper.

On Great Thursday Lord Jesus Christ made a passover at the house of a resident of Jerusalem. Prior to supper, He washed the apostles’ feet and said, “I did not come to serve but to serve.” Then the Savior established the Sacrament of the Eucharist (Communion), as the Holy Apostles shared with Him. By our great mercy the Lord and He gives us the opportunity to receive His real body and blood during St. Liturgy, so that by accepting Christ within us, we strive to keep Him in the purity of our heart.

After having left the new commandment of love to all, Christ appeared to His disciples to be betrayed. In disbelief, the students asked who would do that. He also asked Judas, and Christ replied so gently that others did not understand. Judas got up and went out and they thought he was going to make purchases because he was a treasurer.

After dinner, Christ with the Apostles went to the Gethsemane Garden, where he prayed until the traitor came.

Traditionally, Easter eggs are dyed early in the morning on Holy Thursday or on Holy Saturday before the feast. The first egg must be red. With it, a sign is placed on the forehead of the children, and then to the rest of the family. This egg is left out of the others and replaced with the past year that has so far been in the house, it is generally put in front of the icon of the Holy Mother with the Child to bring health, joy and happiness to its inhabitants.https: // dariknews. bg

I first painted my first red egg early this morning. The rest will paint them on the Great Saturday of April 7th.

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