My Son – The Prince.

My son, Prince ( Dhanraj ) is my first son. He is born on 1st March 2017 at RIMS Hospital Manipur. When he was born he did not cry. The doctor slap at his bump but he did not cry, instead of crying he makes a sound like “angry roar”. Immediately, the doctor shift him at pediatrics ward for future observation. After observing him for one day, he start crying due to hunger.

I asked doctor why my son do not cry, the pediatricians told me your son is very strong like He man, Super Man. So, he did not feel pain. He feel only little pain. I am amazed till now, how it happens. He only cry when he’s hungry. Whenever I mistakenly drop him on the floor he did not cry a lot, he cries only 5 sec and stops crying immediately after I pick him up and he started laughing looking at me.

I think God give my son some extraordinary power, I thank to god for giving him such a natural extraordinary power.

In this photo you can see my son wearing dhoti. We are celebrating Chakumba( First time taking food ).On this day our family give him food to eat. Believe me or not, he ate one bowl of food within few seconds. I thank to god for giving me such a handsome baby boy who is very strong and brave.

Thank You God, Thank You very much…..!!!

I am not good blogger, If there is any grammatical mistake ignore it.


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Written by Deepak Raj Sharma

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