Fragile Body One Big Heart

Small Fragile Body One Big Heart

Strong disinfectant filled the air everywhere,

Carts screeching, monitors beeping,

Hustle and bustle of nurses and people pierced the air,

A nasty odour filled one corner,

Another corner was a rich delicious food brood aroma,

The light was dim, air full of medicine scent,

A loose Chartreuse oversized gown draped over,

Her humped back body hunched over,

Frail body grasping for air so pale and bare,

Gentile frail voice, Smile I did,

Shared some laughs shaky voice talking gently,

We walked back she turned,

Pointing, beaming, eyeing me reverently,

Grinning, My Polka dotted scarf,

Her wild, crazy, spotted coloured socks,

Curly brown saggy locks,

Soft, tender good-bye hug embraced me,

Deep feelings face me,

Racing thoughts hit like an icy winds sting,

Time is fading no more waiting,

Existence an expiration date past due date,

Breathless, lifeless, stillness, motionless,

Sorrow floods the room,

Small, fragile, weak body, one big heart.


What do you think?

Written by Jordan Read