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How do you celebrate Christmas?

It’s that time of year again when Christmas is just around the corner. Hasn’t this year gone quick?! The shops and stores are now filling up with all the Christmas decorations and treats and people are beginning to stock up.  I wonder how many people leave their Christmas shopping to the last minute or, like myself, plan ahead and start getting the presents in early.  In fact, I sometimes start mine in January when the sales are on!

I find that these days a lot of the adverts you see on TV and in the newspapers seem to aim towards parties and the festivities relating to the party season. The supermarkets are to blame as well when you see alcohol on offer or at discount price. But what saddens me is the true meaning of Christmas seems to be at the back of peoples minds these days. Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Christ. With the party season now in full swing, I think sometimes we should think about why we celebrate Christmas and the true meaning of it. I’m certainly no party pooper and go to my fair share of Christmas parties!  But, I also do remember the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Now I’m not going to start getting preaching or anything, but I do think that drinking and partying is at the forefront of people’s mind these days.  And I do think the media is partly to blame for this. They do have programmes and films on TV about the birth of Christ, and this is a good thing.  But this is a small comparison when you see the amount of TV advertisements trying to sell you cheap booze and party food.

However you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful time and have a truly magical Christmas.  I’ve already finished my Christmas shopping and bought all my presents.  I’ve just got to wrap them all up now.  This Christmas I shall be spending Christmas with my sister, brother-in-law and niece.  I am looking forward to it as I’ve not spent Christmas with my sister in a few years.


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