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Hello World!

He Just Can’t Wait Any Longer!

 He was scheduled to “arrive” on the 5th of September, and we were all so excited to “meet” him on that day. However, he’s got a different thing in mind. He can’t wait for the 5th of September!

First of September

He kicked, he rolled and pushed! Perhaps if he could, he would have screamed! ‘I WANT TO GO OUT NOW!’

My wife was scheduled for a C-section delivery on the fifth of September. We were all excited and preparing for that day. But on afternoon of September the first. The baby kept on moving and kicking. I joked, ” I think he is much more excited than us.”

Early evening, the pain that my wife felt were getting more frequent. I suggested if this continues tomorrow we go to the hospital. But within the next two hours,  the pain comes almost within every 5 minutes. So we decided to go to the hospital. I thought it might be a false alarm, but it is best that she would already be in the hospital for the night.

To cut this story short, just before midnight, our pediatrician announced that on 11:30 PM you have another handsome boy.

Hello World! Meet Isaiah!


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