How Online Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – Part 10

There are apps which  instantly calculate earnings.  Instantly register hits.  They’ve been available for ten years or longer.

So why don’t modern sites use them?

Think of it, in those ancient days sites were honest and legitimate.  One’s earnings were clearly visible at log on, and there were no ‘thresholds’.  One was paid on a specific date every month,regardless of earnings.

The Site Owner did a 50/50 and was upfront about it.  The user would be told the site paid 1c for every twenty hits. It was clear that the site received 1c for every 10, which allowed the owner to make that 1c.

Today, few sites come within miles of being honest.

They hide your hits, mask your earnings, and let you type your fingers off for nothing.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


  1. I agree with you, there are few sites do this not all the sites. When I was with bubblews I use to see the actual earnings of mine when it was 504 error.

    • What I find so remarkable is that the software to give us all up front data has long existed. The reason it is not used is to hide the truth from the user.