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Working online, is it worth your time?

Hello Friends & Readers,

Hows it going with you today? I have been a little busy on some things & well I have come up with the conclusion that I wonder if it’s really worth all my time? I have a few sites I’m working on & it just seems the more I work the less time I get to do other things I like to do which is my crafts & make some REAL cash.

Writing isn’t a real hard skill that I have found I really enjoy BUT I find it hard to find something that I can make some real money with, you know what I mean? It’s time consuming, it takes most your time up, you have to put effort into it & it becomes a challenge to come up with that perfect post to make it pan out.

I have looked on everything I can think of that I could do online & I’m finding a lot of stuff that COULD work, but again would it be worth the time & effort to put into it? not to mention the work that you have to do to make it all work.

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I’ve been online for the past 10 yrs & they say you can make a lot of money working online well yeah IF you know what your doing & work your stuff as they so say but how do you know if what your after is Legit, safe & so on?

I may not be the BEST A-1 writer on the books but I know that I enjoy what I do, it may not make a ton of money like I want to make, but I do try to make something out of what I do the best I can, but I’d like to make More if I can.

I love working online I have the time for it, I have the energy to do what I do I make my own hrs to be online, which is 15-20 hrs a day but I’m not seeing where it’s really paying me to be online that long EVERY DAY so do I do? ?does anyone have the same challenge’s I do, is there really a way to make $?

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I have even looked all over You Tube to see if there’s anything that is worth my time & effort & yes this ALL takes time to research day after day everyday but you don’t get anywhere if you don’t take the time to check out what’s out there.

So those of you that are in the same boat I am, in trying to find something you would like to do than what your doing already to make the money you do, this is what I have done & I just keep looking cause SOMEWHERE we’ll find it, right?

If there’s something you do that is making you the cash flow you are looking for & you enjoy doing it maybe you could share some views with those of us that’s looking to be more successful online, I know I can’t be the ONLY one that’s looking.

Just remember that there’s all kinds of task’s that you have to be willing to do with working online & if you don’t feel like you have the ability & effort or time or you just aren’t sure of yourself in doing it then I’d try to find something you know you can do or LEARN how to do what your looking at doing online. ?

Thank you for your thoughts & ideas & time on here, be nice to each other & God bless you all for all you do online to make what you can, have a nice day.

P.S  if the writing on here isn’t right it’s the way it loaded NOT the way I wrote it ?


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  1. I understand what you are saying. I tried some things offline and found they did not work out for me so decided to try online. If I can find things that it will not take me forever to make money then I think it is worth it.

  2. I have been a part of so many websites that have gone down the drain. I hope this one stay around. But I have no ideas as far as big money. I do it and am probably online more than I should be. 🙂

    • I know what you mean that makes 2 of us I lost track of
      how many sites I’ve been on ha ha ha but I just hope the ones
      I’m on will be here for a long time cause I hate trying to find
      something to replace them that’s HARD to find now days.

  3. Tell me about it. I know what you mean. I remember when I found the original MyLot. It looked way different than even the old version. Well, I was unsure, then left it alone. It was months before I went back there to sign up. And I was making some good money there then. Then those other sites popped up, you know the Bubblews type ones and they all went bust. Even Niume. And that site was put together extremely well. That’s why I am still weary about sites like this now. I just hope this sticks around.

  4. There is a way to get it done if you focus and think things through. If you are online and you feel the time was worth it then continue. You know what is best for you in the end. I am not familiar with this site so I need to look around.

  5. You know, I cannot believe no one else posted a comment on here. I know exactly what you mean. I have been looking and looking online for other ways to earn some real money as well. But what I have found are all those fake empty promises of making millions. You know what I mean. I think it will all come down to finding the right niche and looking into it to see if there is still a market for us. I think keeping it too general is not going to work. Maybe for sites like this it will work. But to make some real money, we have to find something that not only we like, but others as well. Whatever it is. Like I said, a niche. A specialized thing that we can possibly accelerate with.

    • there WERE some comments on here but I don’t know where they went
      hum? but your right I’ve looked everywhere I can to find another way to
      make $ with online & it’s either you have to be come a seller of somekind
      or do something you KNOW you can do to make something better from it.

      • I know. It is not easy anymore to earn online. It used to be easier some years ago. Now, well, we have to dig deep into the internet to find something at all.

        • yeah BACK in the days when I didn’t have the internet
          I had a friend that had a computer lap top & when he
          came from Indiana & went to come visit us in Fla I
          would get on there & see ALL them jobs & showed him
          & his come back would be I’m not interested in no job.

          I was shocked but then I had to think who WOULDN’T
          want to make extra $ without GOING into a job everyday?
          & once I seen another friend that had a computer & played
          games on it like that’s all she had to do so THAT’S when I
          made a promise to myself that I’m gonna get me a computer.

          BUT by that time 10 yrs LATER I got one & it was like I was
          looking for something that was a dream & MISSED it cause
          I got on there & everything I found 10 yrs EARLIER was GONE.

          • I know. I loved it when I first got a computer. It was awesome. Then when I got my first iMac, wow. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned Apple real good and now I could never use any other computer. And the internet has come such a long way these days. And earning money was good. Now, well, things might get worse once Net Neutrality goes into effect. That would mean the big companies will have the power to slow down sites that compete with them. Which is not good for us users.