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Two More Ways to Make Money Online

As you know, you can make money online with the help of social networks and turn them into a very profitable business. Starting on the platforms like blogger or WordPress is as easy as creating a Facebook page or pin boards on Pinterest, Twitter accounts and share content on issues like weight loss. As you go ahead to build traffic with visits, followers and likes, you can also share links and make money selling products.

1. There are a lot of URL shortening websites.  A few URL shortening services also pay you money for sending visitors through their links. You can take this to the next level as well by creating a blog and offering a free product for download in exchange for the email address of the visitors. Thus you can drive traffic to your blog and also to your social networks and build a mailing list of prospective customers.

2. You can even earn money by just listening music. This is an unbelievable idea to make money online without investing any money. There are few people who do not like music but still enjoy good songs while earning money, and with this method you can easily make money. On the website called ‘slicethepie,’ you can listen to songs from singers or bands who want to launch their albums in the market and give your opinion.

You can give your opinion on what you think about the voice, melody etc. You will get paid while your ears enjoy the songs. You have to just register, select the music genres that you like, and start listening to the songs that appear and give a score. In addition, you do not need to hear it all, but only for the first thirsty seconds. The more comments you make, the more will be the amount of money that you get for each song.


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