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Young ladies working in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong,  most of the young ladies come out to work in service sectors like office ladies,  teachers,  sales,  beauty centers, fashion designers...

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Daily life in Hong Kong (weekdays ) -the first part

I think all of you guys know that Hong Kong is one of the honest and crowded cities in the world.  People are always...

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Development of AI Technology

AI (Artificial intelligence ) Technology is developing at an extremely high speed.  Not long ago,  Japanese had shown an exhibition of two robots fighting...

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Love an office girl

In these few days, I worked in a clubhouse and met a clubhouse girl who is a clubhouse staff,  while I am a swimming...

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Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is almost a top place for living in the world.  It is because Hong Kong has highly modernized infrastructure,  and international city,...

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