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When Resilience is Needed – Taking Risks

Taking Risks 

This individual is working in circumstances in which the personal outcomes are unknown and where there are significant personal risks. In this image, an unprotected person is going into a toxic environment aware of the risks to himself even though he won’t know the long-term effect of this action. There is a willingness and professionalism to continue despite the dangers or risks involved.  There is an element of fear but this is suppressed in order that the best quality service can be delivered.

Examples of questions you might use when coaching around taking personal risk.

– How aware are you of risk? What choices are you making when you are aware of the risks?

– How much are you expected to keep safe? How do you assess risk? How do you manage your exposure to risk? How do you manage these risks?

– How do you maintain interest and focus when you are uncertain of the risks to yourself?

– How do you maintain the quality of service that is expected of you in the face of risk? What happens if you succumb to these risks? How are quality standards maintained?

– How do you support others taking similar risks?

– What support do you give each other? What support do you receive from your manager and organisation? How can this be improved? Where does the responsibility for managing risk lie?

One of a series of 18 images from the coaching toolbox – Images of Resilience

Find out more about resilience in “The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business” by Robin Hills.


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  1. Resilience is an important consideration when involved in risky business. These are good questions to consider when seeking wisdom about the circumstances we face, whether in the work environment or in general life.

  2. It is truly interesting to me that in the world of human guidance, and the world of IT guidance we actually use a term in common (and define it the same way as well). Risk is a process that all IT projects and all humans beings have to consider.

    I really enjoyed this article!!!