When Resilience is Needed – Keeping Focus

Keeping Focus

The ultimate goal is clear but the way ahead is set with a number of different challenges and risks.  However, these are known and can be planned for and will each need attention before the end point is reached.  The goal is worth the effort but it is unclear how long it will take to achieve it as each risk needs to be assessed and each challenge needs to be faced head on and dealt with.

Images of Resilience - Keeping Focus

Examples of questions you might use when coaching around keeping focus.

– How clear are you about your purpose, goals and ambitions?

– How achievable are your goals and ambitions? How do you go about planning for the future?  How do you communicate these goals to other people?

– What plans do you make to achieve your goals and ambitions?  How well do you anticipate what lies ahead?  How do you plan for the challenges ahead of you and the risks you need to take?  What do you do to communicate your thoughts about these challenges and work with others in order to overcome them?

– What skills will be needed to manage the challenges ahead?

– What skills are going to be needed to tackle the challenges?  Do you have the skills or will you need the help and input from other people?  How are these skills going to be acquired?

– How do you respond to failure?

– What contingency plans do you make?  When do you implement these plans? Are they implemented before an insurmountable challenge during it or when you have had a go?  What is your reaction to not overcoming a particular challenge?

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