Skills and Qualities that Enhance Resilience – Self-Management


This individual has the tenacity and persistence to focus and concentrate on the task at hand—to continue studying—despite many tempting distractions.  The long-term achievement or outcome of the task is considered more important than any short-term gratification.

Examples of questions you might use when coaching around Self-Management.

– How important to you is your ultimate goal?

– What guides your focus towards this goal? How much is your focus driven by you or by others?  What is the price of not achieving your goal? To what extent does everything else seem frivolous or unimportant?

– What is your attitude to perfection?  What is your attitude to failure?

– What guides your focus?  How much of your focus is driven by yourself?  How much of your focus is driven by other people?  How much of your focus is driven by a willingness to please others?  How do you compare your standards of quality and achievement with the standards of others?

– What do other people think about your focus?

– How much is your focus on tasks to the detriment of yourself and your relationship with other people?  How important is it to you to schedule in regular breaks away from your main focus?  How important is it to you to schedule in some fun away from your main focus?

One of a series of 18 images from the coaching toolbox – Images of Resilience

Find out more about resilience in “The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business” by Robin Hills.

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