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Letter of gratitude to members of Virily

Robin Biznis July 27.2017 Belgrade, Serbia

Hello to all members.

Yesterday and got next: Sent by Virily 12.55 USD Fee-negative 0.79 USD Total11,76 USD Thank you Virily.

Thank you admin Virily, thank you Natalie.

I spent much time for writing posts.

Because my English is bad. I had use  Google translator, Dictionary etc. A lot of work for a little money. I will not close my account, but I will not be so active. I would like to express special gratitude to Carol, Kim Jonson, Alex Ledante and my other followers. I also express my gratitude to my compatriots from Serbia and  the Balkans.

I am proud of myself that my announcement about London-in 22 days there are 667 visitors. What Can We See in London – the Capital of Great Britain I admit that I learned something new and that I also gained new experiences in this business.

Your Robin.


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  1. Congrats on the payment, Robin. I and we all understand that if we are looking for income here, we will be disappointed because the time and thoughts we devote are not worth the rewards we can receive. So, just by having fun we can enjoy our togetherness completely.