Which countries lead the healthiest way of life

World average life expectancy has risen from 52.6 years in 1960 to 71.9 years in 2017. Improving global longevity is largely the result of a healthier lifestyle and advances in medical technology and treatment. However, not all countries have benefited equally from improvements in health and food, foodpanda reports.

In parts of the world, living up to 60 years old, is still rare. In others, living over 80 years, is the norm.

Health outcomes often reflect wider economic conditions in a given country. The healthiest countries in the world are highly developed with universal health systems, funded mainly by taxpayers. In the meantime, the world’s least developed countries are struggling to provide basic services such as electricity and clean water to large numbers of their population, not to mention a health system of all kinds.

Globally, factors such as public policy and infrastructure have a much greater impact on public health than individual behavior. In general, people around the world are trying to develop organic farming and to impose a healthy diet and life, which will increase the number of leggings and healthy populations.

After special index surveys, Western European countries were found to be the strongest, with the largest proportion of the population living a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Accordingly, people from Africa and south of the Sahara are the most afflicted. The US occupies 34th place.


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Written by Saeed Ahmed