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Training for Detroit Marathon

I almost walked out this morning and forgot my smart phone which I normally use as GPS during my workouts.  With that being said, I literally just bidded and won a Garmin 910XT GPS watch off of eBay yesterday on that note. And yes, I anticipate its arrival because it gives me another mileage tracker in prep for Detroit Marathon.

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Anyway, I wanted to get a good run in to coincide with the 28 miles that I cycled yesterday in prep for the marathon in a few months, so I drove up to my old neighborhood in Edgewater where the Lakefront trail starts. In the past, I have logged many miles starting at Kathy Osterman Beach running towards downtown Chicago and back. 

Going into this run my mind played tricks on me telling me that I should go shorter as a slight pain tricked down my lower left leg urging me that I should keep it short of my goal which was 10 miles.

It wasn’t until the 3.5 mile mark where I decided that I would go ahead and power through any signals telling me to go shorter. Even as a seasoned runner I do continuously tell myself to ignore the signals and power through them because I know they are only temporary.

Ending this run I felt relieved and eager to finish off the rest of my day. I would imagine that the slight pain in my lower left leg came from cycling 28 miles yesterday, which I will remember to exclude next weekend as I up my run mileage.

I followed this run up with a tour of my old neighborhood, coffee at 7-Eleven, and church at People Church – Ukrainian Village. 

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  1. Just reading that made my legs hurt! I see people like you out there when I hike. I cuss them! Grins. Joking of course. Way to go. Ah to be in that kind of shape must be an awesome feeling. I hope you do well in the marathon. Where is this one at?


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