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SHIITAKE-Lentinula edodes, guardian of your health

In the post Diabetes under control I wrote about the healing properties of the mushroom Coprinus Comatus.

Now I will write about the Imperial mushroom coming from Japan.

In Japan, they are also accepted in official medicine because their high healing properties have been proven. In addition to Japan and China, they are accepted almost all over the world.

They are mainly used for preventative purposes because they can prevent and slow down the tumor growth. They show high cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular complications.

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They are benefiting from high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other diseases.

Their medicinal properties are derived from Lentinans of a type of Polysaccharide. They contain in themselves a large amount of vitamins from group B, vitamin C, proteins, and fats.

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For use it is best to be used fresh in various dishes. There are many recipes for preparing mushroom meal.

A more effective, healthier and more economical approach to the already made medicines that you can get in pharmacies.

Regular use of Shitake mushroom products will enhance your immunity and you will be much healthier and less susceptible to illness.

So the cure is in nature only needs to be recognized and used.

It was shown by the residents of Japan and China.

Written 12 May 2018


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