Repeat the Best Memories and Get Rid of Depression

According to experts, real or artificial cheerful memories in the brain of depression effected person, it can be avoided by adding or repeating the best happiness memories.

Experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology include artificial good memories in the minds of the mice and have successfully experienced to remove depression. If this experience has become successful on humans too. So with the help of this, such effective medicines can be made which affect the entire brain and there will be highly possibility to end the depression from root.

Dr. Steve Ramrays, the main researcher of this research says, in order to treat depression, we will have to synthetically recycle the patient’s specific memory, with the help of research done on animal, experts will soon be able to know it that how can the cheerfulness best memories of human beings be activated?

Experts further says, repetitive memories in the mind of the depressed and frustrated person will not have any beneficial benefit rather, the depression reason must be rooted out.

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