Man Cuts Out Alcohol and Coffee for 2 Years – Here is the Result

Every person is consuming alcohol and coffee every day. But there is one question. Is that really healthy for our body? Not really. Sometimes coffee can be good for our health. But that’s in case if we consume one coffee cup during the day. And what about alcohol? Alcohol can be harmful for us.

One brave man decided to quit of alcohol and coffee for two years. The result is amazing. He looks great, he don’t need coffee to wake up and he saved a lot of money. At the beginning he thought that people will laugh to him for cutting out the coffee. But actually, his friends gave him support in doing that. Here, I have searched on the net to find out his images and you will have the chance to see it. For the end, I want to ask you, can you do this?

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What do you think?

Written by tanja


  1. Being a Muslim, I have never touched alcohol in my life. I don’t drink coffee either but i like to drink tea and green tea. Anything that is consumed in excess can have a bad effect on your health so moderation is the key.