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Laughter ~ Photo Challenge Day 29

I am continuing with the 365 Photos Challenge and I am now on Day 29. Anyone can join in, you do not have to be nominated. Here are the rules from Artbytes on his 365 Photos Challenge.

Laughter is always the best medicine. I have heard that phrase my entire life. The older I get and the more I go through in life, I realize more and more just how true that statement is. If you can laugh in any situation you are in, it makes it so much easier to get through anything. Sharing another sentiment I surround myself with.

The more you laugh the better you live. Nobody said life would be easy. Another phrase I have heard my entire life. It is so true. Life is hard. But we have to roll with the flow. One step in front of the other. I can remember many days taking steps backwards. I felt as if I were drowning. And it happens so gradual you don’t always realize it until you are in the darkness. That is when the hope, strength, laughter, whatever you can use, helps bring you back to the light. And being in the light is where you begin to find hope.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. The more you laugh, the better you live. A laugh a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe laughter will not solve anything but it does help us feel lighter. Moreso, when we can learn to laugh at our own folly, misery and mistake. It will not change a thing, just our mood and that is about enough.