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How I managed to break my wrist!

I’ve not been on Virily for a little while because I managed to break my wrist and find it difficult to type.  I still have my arm in plaster, but I thought it about time I post something!  

On 6th April I was walking home from work and tripped as I was stepping up onto the pavement.  Of course I put my hands out to stop me falling and got this pain in my left wrist.  I didn’t do anything about it that day as I thought the pain would go,  but it didn’t.  Anyway, I went to work that evening and my hand was swelling up even more.  So the next morning I caught a bus to my local hospital to the Accident and Emergency Department.  They x-rayed my wrist and told me I had broken 2 bones in my wrist!  So that’s when I went to the Fracture Department to have this plaster cast put on.  It only took about half an hour and you can choose the colour of the cast you want on too.

They also signed me off work for 6 weeks.  Although I am glad of the time off, I wish it was under better circumstances lol and not with a busted wrist!  But thankfully we have had some nice, sunny days so I have been sitting in the garden enjoying the weather.  

Here is a video of a song that came to mind.  The world is going through a tough time at the moment but things will get back to normal one day.  I hope everyone is keeping well and safe.


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  1. I broke my wrist last year in 2019 on my way to work to teach clarinet. I knew the time Jan 13th 8:45am! And ecaxtly the spot on the sidewalk where there was a 10 cm wide pothole. In Israel the health clinic had an emergency triage so I was in and out in an hour. I had the cast for 6 weeks. I almost have full movement, the hand doesn’t bend as far back as it used to. Oh well, at least it doesn’t hurt. Good luck!


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