Cancer : Early Dinner and Cancer

Spain’s nutrition specialists have discovered after a long study, that if having dinner early, it helps men to avoid prostate cancer while women avoid breast cancer.

The study conducted at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, attended by approximately 4000 volunteers, including 2500 women and 1500 men.Half of the volunteers were healthy while half was prostate / breast cancer.

Detailed medical examination of all those people was conducted, while their daily routines were questioned. After detailed analysis, it came to know that those who were having dinner early or at least two hours of dinner went to sleep, In them, prostate cancer and breast cancer rates were 20 percent less than those people, Those who used to have dinner late and immediately went to sleep.

Experts advise, It is advised to have dinner early when there is at least two hours remaining to sleep. So where there are other benefits of health, the risk of at least two types of cancer is significantly reduced.

According to researcher , So far the studies have only been studied on the related things and cancer in food, While this is the first time where sleeping times have also been observed for such research.


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