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Cancer hits anybody with the same voracity, it has no favorites. The treatment is usually excruciating and decisive, but now,  IPT Low Dose Chemotherapy is an alternative cancer therapy that is available for patients who don’t have the courage to submit themselves to the side effects of conventional cancer therapy. HOW DOES IT WORK? All cancer cells grow on glucose. For every receptor (channel) which allows sugar to pass into a normal cell, a cancer cell has between 16 and 20. When the blood sugar is lowered, cancer cells are thus starved 16x to 20x more than normal cells. 

Under these circumstances, we get that chemotherapeutic agents can become up to 10,000x more lethal in cancer cells in the presence of insulin. This has been proven with one specific chemo agent called Methotrexate. We thus achieve a targeted attack on the cancer cells without damaging the normal body too much, especially the immune system. For more information on this fascinating subject, you can read more on my webpage HERE


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