Yucca Rose – Morning Preparation At Traditional Market

Original painting from February 2017 (partial image, low res) – Morning Preparation At Traditional Market – Acrylic on canvas (50 cm x 70 cm).

The painting is at display at my friends Rudi and Oranna’s store Casita in Trier, Germany (Neustrasse).

These are my favorite places here at home in Indonesia – the fruit and vegetable markets, the flower markets and the nearby harbors with the fish markets. I could walk around for hours and watch the noisy activities and the colorful people… 


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  1. Hi Yucca,
    Another great piece… I love your style and the palette is wonderful. I like the italics indicating your own words describing your artwork. I understand the lo-res because it is just a portion of the whole, correct? All my work is digital HD, but if I crop a small part of it and enlarge the cropped image, it loses focus because of all the pixels that show up. Say hello to Peter for us. Hope you had great weekend.

  2. I have yet to see a painting or other artwork of yours that I do not LOVE. They take me so many places at once, Rudyard Kipling, Paul Gaugin, but those were colonialists, from the outside looking in, as I am , (well, not a colonialist) I always wanted to travel the world when I was young, but not so brave anymore. You make me feel like I am seeing things through your eyes, and I believe at this moment you are a world class painter.

    • Hi seapunkies, thank you so very much for your kind comment and support. I love to share the manifold splendors of my Indonesia … visually presented in my own style. It warms my heart to see and hear that my humble efforts are appreciated. 🙂

  3. Intriguing detail! While I understand your reason for uploading a low-res image, the lack of sharpness does not do the work justice. Maybe not _quite_ so low-res would give a better impression while still providing essentially the same security. Additionally, marking up the entire description in italics is rather hard on the eye! Looking forward to admiring more of your work here 🙂

    • Hi Norman, thank you for your kind support. Low resolution as in 72dpi and 1000px is pretty good – with enough crispness and detail. The use of italic type as a visual indicator to describe one’s inner thoughts is a common literary occurrence … I just saw, oops, only the last three lines were supposed to be italicized (my thoughts), I made a mistake there, but it is not easy to edit text here. Thank you for pointing that out. Mind you, English is not my primary language … I am Indonesian and a painter and a singer, not a writer. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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