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You Are Not The Light!


I truly believe, there is no better teacher in life than what shows up on your “proverbial” doorstep. Experiences never show up out of the blue.

Neither do they come forth through fate or coincidence? They are being governed and orchestrated by the higher laws of life, God, whether your soul is conscious or aware of this or not.

What directs these laws to produce experiences is caused by two factors, what your soul consciously believes and feels to be true and what your soul subconsciously believes and feels to be true.

Your soul’s conscious beliefs and feeling manifest as experiences based on your perception of life and your soul’s subconscious beliefs and feelings manifest as experiences based on the extent of, God’s spiritual influence on your life, if at all.

While God is the irrefutable core that governs and orchestrates all of our soul’s, beliefs and feelings of our existence as such, should be built upon this fact, but, the big question is this, what is your soul’s true identity or, put another way, what is your soul’s true relationship with GOD?

It is this question that keeps your soul journeying from one life experience to another in search of answers. Do you agree or not?

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