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Words Immortalized

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I wrote the poem in 2010, after the passing of Miep Gies, she was one of Anne Frank’s helpers, and she was the one who found and saved her diary.

Some hero’s

Do not see themselves

As hero’s

She was one

A woman

Who risked

Her life

To protect her friends

A little girl

Who died

But whose legend live

On in large part

Because of her.

A woman determined

To try and do the

Best to make

A young life

Seem not

Been lived in vein.

Miep Gies

Called home to Glory

Earlier this week

A hundred years of life

And yet in an eternity just

A drop in the bucket

But her work lives on

In the words immortalized

In one young girls story.

Who never got to realize her dream

While alive

But in death

Her story lives on.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


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