love duck 2

Chapter 2: When We Meet, ….!

After the accidental story that he invited me to drink coffee, in my life this is the first time that a man invited me to drink coffee but also a nice boy, but the joy of bursting into me so. Still in the dream of love, suddenly the lightning bolt! Suddenly he said,I’m sorry to invite you to my country debt at other times because you have a busy time.

I’m like a portable speaker, oh yes, if you have a job, then the job is the most important thing, finish that sentence in my head as there are many opinions inside to counter it too ( Why do you have a job now,Why the sky is so heartless to me … why why …)

Back to my house just kneeled down in bed with a little sad sadness and asked myself do not know if I will have the opportunity to meet him again or not, do not know if next meet him Do you remember me or not …I really do not know if next time I see him can ask his name and phone number. Mood is falling into space, then United went to the room to sit down on bed and two children looked at each other, The bed is as if it is also experiencing some problems that do not know how to solve so his face is also like mine and then they lie so until dark.

After a few cans of beer it told me the story it encountered:

– Hoa: You look like I was sunburn and fell into the net of people and then humiliated you too.

– I am: eating beer and brain fall into the air and think a little bit, you sunshine people is good, but the face like a lady like you?

– Hoa: But I … I’m scared

– Me: Why is it scary or bad guy so you wonder, or that guy does not like you do not love you, or why?

– Hoa: awkward …-

I: I do not know what to do without you, there is something to say I’m still thinking of how you keep going on this, then next year New Year’s holiday can not be resolved now!-Hoa: You slowly see me do not regain emotion

.- I: Oh god, I really want you to understand my feelings now,I have never had the kind of happy emotions that sad have disappointed there is regret, that is the kind of emotions it is fighting in me like this-Hoa: What’s wrong with your mood today?

-I: From my talk, you finished your conversation,Knowing what I know, I know what I want to know from the beginning to the end, but also say the type of torture as well

.-Hoa: Well, actually, there is a guy in my head that did not care about me at first, but he also cares about me or caring for me, or texting me ..

.-I’m so perfect?


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Written by Ngoc Tran

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