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Gena Davis wants to be the next Wonder Woman movie

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Actress Geena Davis (League Of Their Own and Thelma And Louise) has this dream that her good friend Patty Jenkins who directed the blockbuster movie “Wonder Woman” this summer would be willing to give Ms. Davis a part in the sequel of the “Wonder Woman” movie.

So far Patty has yet to sign a contract to direct the sequel to “Wonder Woman” but sources close to the Jenkins camp are saying if and when Jenkins signs a contract to direct the sequel to “Wonder Woman” she will have a huge salary to work on the next “Wonder Woman” movie.

Since Davis is an Oscar winning actress, if she lands a role in the “Wonder Woman 2” movie, her star power should boost the sales of the next “Wonder Woman” movie. It is not clear if Geena will play the role of the friend of Wonder Woman who will acted by Gal Gadot or a villain.

It is evident that Wonder Woman fever has attracted the stars and starlets in Hollywood to get on board the Wonder Woman bandwagon. That is a good thing since female super heroes should be the new wave of super hero movies.


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    • Geena is friends with Patty Jenkins so I am sure that Geena will have a part in the next Wonder Woman movie since I am sure the two ladies know the saying “One hand washes the other and two hands wash the face.”

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