White Russian – giclee print

I just can’t get enough of scantily clad Russian girls wearing astrakhans or ushankas. Now that I have Alessandro Mastronardi’s most excellent Look At My Hair plugin, I can finally render realistic looking fur! Sure, the processor hit is quite expensive but when you see the end result you know where all those extra cycles went…

So in the process of mastering this powerful new resource, I am going to be doing many underdressed Russian chicks before moving on to the animal kingdom; please look forward to it!

#1 release version

Some of you might recognize her from the billboard that I did some time ago, less the copy and I've since added some postwork. The fur on her ushanka really turned out well if I do say so myself

The original version was all cold but I've introduced a red bloom to indicate that she's a soviet. This is an 80s nostalgia piece, and I'm going to do a whole cold war series

#2 rough sketch

Let's face it; when you're doing a value study of a northern climate, gotta go with the cobalt tone

#3 rim light

Generally a three point rig is all you need to light a scene. What does that mean? Basically, you have a key light, a fill light and a rim light. In this case I've only rendered the rim light and it sorta looks fine as-is...

#4 blue shift

As it happens, I wanted the rim light to be very cool so I just tweaked the color balance and set the layer to screen and then BAM! A sharp cold rimlight...

What do you think?

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  1. I’m sorry I’ve never seen this!… It is beautiful!!! 🙂 I love how you made the hat and the light there….. Although I don’t see the connection between literal and abstract here…..?
    I will definitely have to go through your (old) posts sometime, I already wanted but couldn’t manage…:(

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