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[Vision Of An Arised Vessel]

“Vision Of An Arised Vessel” Is in Collaboration with Artists:

Daniel Loya III And Tatiana Kotelnikova

“Vision Of An Arised Vessel” is an apocalyptic sci-fi vision for when humans are used in many other ways other than functioning like humans should,

This is a vision of a future where humans eventually over crowded their minds in their essence, their human condition, too many minds overcrowded in the world and drove themselves insane, I imagined every vessel scattered across recreated  lanscapes of a planet once called earth, I imagine the use of these hollow beings lying around with nothing to see no mind, hollow, and left abandoned with no spirit inside, and I imagine, “them”, the beings that are nothing and function like programs entering out realm “earth” observing, studying and making good use of a flesh like theirs.

These so called “them” are a way for me to express what I do know as a truth but told in a way that is not a lie, it infects the mind and creates ignorance, what they are is us, what was left of us from other planets to the rocky asteroids that carried us here to a destruction that also provide life to a new planet. 

We are minerals, elements we are useful to and by everything, and anything is aware of that.


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Written by Daniel-Loya-III

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