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Vibrations of colors in the paintings.

The colors are divided into three groups – soothing, stimulating, neutral. Soothing also says feminine and include green, blue and purple. Encouraging the male again, they are red and orange. Yellow color occupies a middle position balances the two opposites.

Blue is the color of peace, harmony and infinity. It soothes, but also helps improve concentration. The blue color enhances life force, brings peace.

Purple is the color of mystery and mysteries. It acts on the unconscious, and delivers deep relaxation, spiritual strength and knowledge. This color enhances any relaxation or meditation. Purple is the color of calm and inner peace. It helps strengthen feelings and intuition, deeply relaxes and soothes.

Red is the color of the sun, fire, life, heart, love, but also anger and rage. It adds a human energy, enthusiasm, activity releases suppressed emotions and awakening sexuality. Red is very provocative, breath accelerates, pulse and blood pressure.

Pink is the color of gentleness, innocence, contentment, peace and love. Harmonizes, helps develop cooperation and collective community. This color helps refine and harmonize negative emotions, thoughts and attitudes.

The yellow color is the brightest of all the vivid bright colors. It is warm, bright shining up. Yellow act very beneficial to all the senses, improves mood, freshness, creativity is very optimistic. Yellow helps to release positive energy, acting on intelligence, concentration, bringing vital spark and enthusiasm.

Orange is the color of joy, success, satisfaction, creativity. Orange is among the most popular colors. It helps people find inner peace again, joy and strength to go on.

Green is the color of nature and health. It symbolizes balance, harmony and peace. This color also adds confidence, so it is useful for individuals who have a problem with indecision. Green also strengthens the exhausted nerves, soothes and gives new energy. Its effect is relaxing.

White is the color of the light, the symbol of purity, innocence, eternity, wisdom. Reveals sensitivity, sense of purity order. White is also the color of the beginning of life, but also the end. White is the color of a new beginning. It helps to illuminate and cleanse. Lightens the mind and facilitates profound changes and thus can help us see and perceive things in a new, brighter light.

Black is the color of the darkest, serious, solid, heavy. Usually it represents darkness, evil, emptiness, sadness, death. In the world of this color has another side. In eastern countries, it is the color of fertility. Black is the color of fertile soil there, dark place again germination and sprouting.

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Written by Paul Pulszartti