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The day he ran away from home…

it broke literally broke me. I couldn't eat or sleep. I spent about 13 hours wondering the streets, looking under all the cars...

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How sadistic one must be in order to do such a thing?

I wished for my own pet since ages ago but until this year I didn't have the courage to get one. Anyway I don't...

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Taking advantage of someone’s misery

I don't understand how people are capable of that. Let me tell you a story...about my grandmother who was terminally ill because of cancer...

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The fear of death and how I got over it…

This was my greatest fear. With every day that passed my bay I had the sensation that I was getting closer and closer to...

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Is it legitimate helping people to die?

No...I'm not crazy...nor am I some kind of a serial killer that would like to do such a task with the help of the...

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